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Farewell to the receipt hassle!

Personal service

Unlike all the competitors on the market, Ezy Expense is a full-blooded service. Our skilled team handles the receipts and allowances sent by you and makes sure that you get reimbursed as soon as possible.

Cost savings

Service might sound expensive at first, but it’s actually quite the opposite. The time savings translate into quantifiable and proven cost savings, both internally (your employees) as well as externally (billings from your bookkeeper decrease).

Effortless communications

Instead of wasting time with new computer software, applications and passwords, you can communicate with a real person. Sending the materials to our friendly Ezy-team is simple, just use WhatsApp or email.

This is how you deliver materials

You can deliver receipts, travel expenses and allowance info to Ezy Expense team via WhatsApp -messaging app or then forwarding  emails including PDF receipts. Our professional team will make sure that details such as cost centers, taxes etc. are correct. The team will even calculate allowances for you!


Snap a photo of the receipt, add a short description of the event (type or dictate) and send it over via WhatsApp. For mileage allowances, dictate (or share locations) of departure and arrival points. For daily allowances, add total travelling time and country.


You do a lot of purchases online and get receipts via email? No problem, emails containing receipts can be forwarded right away to the Ezy-team. Remember to add a short description of the event.

Seamless integration with your current bookkeeping

Ezy Expense -team works in coordination with your own bookkeeper, and we keep them updated on all the receipt- and payment transactions if they so wish. We also deliver all the materials required by the bookkeeping laws and regulations. 

Ezy Expense is not dependent in certain software

Since we have real people in our customer service team instead of just snippets of code, we can be flexible and adapt to the bookkeeping software your company already uses.

Maintain familiar practises

If our best practices don’t feel natural to you, we can adapt to the practices that you already have implemented i.e. for processing mileage allowances.

Keep your bookkeeper happy

You can be certain that expenses and allowances are promptly processed in the correct systems by our skilled service team. We can also take care of the whole process all the way to reimbursing, so that your accounting firm is left only a monitoring role.


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Simple pricing

We provide our customers two different pricing options. Premium -service includes everything, even the ledger-keeper work related to handling receipts. With Basic -service you pay a monthly fee that enables the service for you, and an additional (but very cheap) hourly fee for the postings. Basic -service suits best for the employees that have only occasional receipts, whereas Premium becomes very reasonable in case of more than 10 receipts or mileage allowances per month. The Premium -service pricing includes handling for 30 expenses per month.

12month per user
  • Includes Ezy Expense -service, e-mail acceptance for superiors and the ledger work
  • Regularly over 10 expenses or mileage allowances generating employees should choose Premium. With Premium it is also very easy to forecast the monthly costs for travel and other expenses.

2,90month per user
  • Includes Ezy Expense -service and the usage of e-mail acceptance. For posting the receipts we charge 30 €/h
  • Basic is the right choice for users having only occasional expenses
  • Basic will be used always in case of using company’s credit and debit cards

Do you run an accounting firm? Ezy Expense can help you offer superior service to your customers, optimize (personnel) resource utilization in your firm and help earn passive income!

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