Ezy Expense -service

Handle your receipts and travel expenses in less than 10 seconds!


Ezy Expense -team will handle travel expenses and receipts for you

Let’s imagine a situation in which you could handle a travel expense or a receipt in less than 10 seconds. Sounds good, right? Now stop imagining, because it’s finally possible. The service team at Ezy Expense will complete the tedious and time-consuming part for you, saving time and money from both you and your bookkeeper.


Expense receipts

You can deliver receipts to Ezy-team in a snap using WhatsApp-messenger, for example.

Mileage allowances

Getting a reimburesed for mileage allowances will never get any easier than this. Our service team will even calculate distances and additional allowances for extra passengers.

Daily allowances

Report daily allowances and locations easily to our professional service team that will take care of calculating and registering them for you.


Fastest cost approval process in the market

Ezy Expense utilizes assuredly the fastest and easiest way to approve costs and receipts. Superiors are able to approve tens of costs at the same time, in just a few seconds. And here comes the best part; no need to memorize new usernames or passwords, let alone learn to use new software. Everything happens through your email. Once you’ve tried this, there’s no going back…!

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Send the receipt via WhatsApp

After taking a photo of the receipt, just add a short description of the event by text or voice recording, and you’re done. Even as fast as 10 seconds!

Dictate travel expenses

You can use WhatsApp voice recording to dictate route locations, dates and reasons for the trips, Ezy-team will calculate mileage and daily allowances for you!

Forward PDF receipts in email

Most of us get a lot of receipts in our email inboxes. These won’t be a problem, either. Just forward the email along with the PDF receipt to our service team, and we will handle the receipts immediately.


Relief for bookkeepers

Handling receipts and travel expenses don’t belong to the the list of enjoyable tasks for most bookkeepers. Constant interruptions, lost receipts and obscurities tie up a lot of resources, especially in smaller accounting firms. By outsourcing receipt and travel expense handling process to Ezy Expense, accounting firms can free up hours for more meaningful tasks, while their customers can enjoy excellent service. Accounting firms can also partake in our revenue sharing program, granting them passive income. Read more….